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Q. Where do I order small replacement parts for my Cervélo?

A. We sell all Cervélo parts through our authorized Cervélo retailers. Your local Cervélo shop will be helpful in replacing any small part properly.

Q. My bike is making noise. What should I do?

A. Squeaks, creaks and groans are typically caused by contact between moving parts. It is almost impossible to assess which part is causing the sound by phone or email. The best course of action is to bring your bike to your local authorized Cervélo retailer to have it inspected. An experienced mechanic is much better suited to fix the sound with an in-person inspection.

Q. Do you guys offer any type of merchandise?

A. Currently, we do not offer stickers, posters or other promotional merchandise. We concentrate on designing the best bikes possible and have not dedicated the resources to promotional materials. Your best option is to create a website user account to receive updates on any available product.

Q. Could you recommend one of your bikes for a beginner in triathlon?

A. If you are racing triathlon, the best group of bikes to choose from is the Cervélo P series. The P series is designed to give you the best aerodynamic performance with a great balance of stiffness, strength, weight, and ride comfort. The geometry of the P series offers optimal steering while riding the aerobar position.
Choosing between the P series bikes is highly personal. We offer as wide a range of prices as possible to match your budget. While some frames do offer advantages over others, all P series models offer exceptional performance. To help narrow down your decision, we recommend that you visit your local Cervélo authorized retailer.

Q. I found a website that is claiming to sell legitimate Cervélo frame sets for a very low price. Are they real?

A. If a deal on a Cervélo seems 'too good to be true' then it might be just that. We recommend that you purchase through your local Cervélo retailer to ensure the best service possible.